Join 1000s of people near you who are already buying and selling on AdYoYo today. AdYoYo is the first video-only buy and sell app in the US. Discover a new way to sell your gently used stuff using video, or shop great deals near you. All video. No doubts.

Shop with confidence
How many times have you used a buy & sell app to purchase an item, only to arrive at the pickup spot to discover that the item looks nothing like it did in the photos? AdYoYo is different because we only show videos of items for sale on our buy and sell app. With AdYoYo, you can shop hot deals with confidence, knowing that what you see in the video is exactly what you’re going to get.

From the couch you just replaced to that cool jacket you bought on a whim and have only worn a few times, are you looking to get rid of some stuff? Why not make extra cash from those items with only a few clicks on your smartphone using AdYoYo?

Sell your stuff. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.
1. Use your smartphone to snap a quick video of the item you want to sell with our in-app video recorder*, or upload one from your phone’s gallery.

2. Simply enter a description, set your location, and set your price.

3. Let the offers roll in from 1000s of shoppers near you.

*We offer a variety of fun features with our video editor, including adding text overlay, stickers, music, and voiceover to your videos.

AdYoYo isn’t just a different way to buy and sell, it’s amazingly powerful and simple.

The benefits of selling with video
Unlike photos, with video you can:
– Accurately display what it is your selling
– Show the item in 360-degrees
– Highlight all of its features
– Turn an item on to show that it works
– Demonstrate how it works (if you’re selling a guitar, play it)
– Explain what makes it different, tell its story