#LetsBreakUp Challenge

Valentine's Day breakup

The relationships we have with our things can be tight. Sometimes, too tight. I mean, we all have at least one pair of jeans that we’ve outgrown but for whatever reason are still holding onto. But, clutching onto a past love like the ending scene of Titanic might be keeping you from your future happiness. Let’s face it, it might be time to let go (yes, just like Rose) no matter how long you have had them.

Whether it’s shoes that kill your feet, or an old phone you’ve cheated on by getting a new one (and you’re still holding onto it as a side-piece… you know, just in case), it just isn’t fair to you. You’ve already moved onto bigger, shinier, sexier things — and all of this extra stuff is just there in your life like some dead weight cramping your style and taking up your space.

We know that breaking up can be hard, so to help you end things once and for all we are asking you create a funny video of you breaking up with your items and to post them for sale on AdYoYo and on social media using the hashtag #LetsBreakup. Think of all of the drama that comes with a breakup — and then let it out on something you need to let go of! From those pair of pants you loved that no longer fit to those shoes that look oh-so-amazing on, but that kill your feet, we want to see you breakup with these items in all of its glory.

This is a new year and a new you! Who needs an Anti-Valentine’s Day when you’ve got the #LetsBreakup challenge?

To participate, connect with us on social media using #LetsBreakup and tag us @officialadyoyo on Instagram and Twitter and on Facebook at TheOfficialAdYoYo.