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App Update: Experience the New AdYoYo

Buying and selling just got a whole lot sexier. We’ve got a brand-new look and feel, curated shopping sections, featured sellers, a new handmade section, and so much more. Update to the new AdYoYo now on the App Store or Google Play.

New Look and Feel!

New update has featured sellers.

The moment you open the app you’re brought into a whole new AdYoYo experience with curated shopping sections. Designed to make items near you more discoverable, you can now shop and sell on AdYoYo in new categories not available elsewhere. Looking for electronics under $100? We’ve got you covered. Have Louis Vuitton on the mind? Browse our “Luxury Finds” section. How about a new car under $15K? Done — and done. Our curated sections bring organization to the messy world of buying and selling, and have been made just for you.

Earn Followers. Get famous. Become a Featured Seller.

New update has featured sellers.
Buy & Sell App

Becoming a Featured Seller is a free way to grow your fan base and get more exposure for the products you’re selling. Featured Sellers are AdYoYo-ers, who receive top placement on the home page of the app for being active users. Want to get featured? Simply post some products and/or videos on the app and our algorithm will pick you up. Want to stay there? Keep posting! It’s a simple post-reward system designed to help you get noticed, earn followers, and make money today.

New Handmade Section

New app update includes handmade sectionReady to AdYoYo the heck out of your handmade products, or shop from amazing artisans near you? So are we! We have had soap makers, candle makers, clothing and jewelry designer, artists, and artisans on our app for some time – and now these amazing creators and innovators have their own rightful section on the app.

To indicate that a product you’re selling is handmade, simply switch on the handmade toggle while filling out the product description.

How-To Section

How-To Videos Section

Looking to take your AdYoYo videos to a whole new level? We have a whole section on the app dedicated to helping you sell better and create pro-quality videos right from your smartphone. Check out this section to find out how best to film cars, electronics, fashion, furniture, services, and more, as well as to receive tips and advice about how to bring out your inner Spielberg.

Minor Bug Fixes Enhanced Stability

You gave your feedback, and we listened. In an effort to always improve AdYoYo, we have enabled enhanced stability, faster upload times, and fixed a few minor bugs that were totally bugging us.

Update to the new version of AdYoYo now on the App Store or Google Play.