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Guide to selling your used car on AdYoYo

Sell your used car quickly

So you’re ready to part ways with your used car, but you aren’t sure how to sell it. Selling an older truck or car privately does not have to be complicated, and the benefits can outweigh turning it into a dealership. With a little research and organization, you can simplify the process and get the most profit possible. Following you’ll learn how to sell your used car faster, smarter, and more efficiently than ever before.

Get Your Use Car Ready For Sale

You wouldn’t buy a diamond ring if it looked dirty and brown. There’s a reason that jewelers spend so much money on lighting, polishing and displays. They know that getting a buyer’s attention is the first step to selling — and that begins with presentation. Make sure your car is showcase ready by taking it to the carwash and having it thoroughly cleaned and detailed. Get the dirt and grime off, vacuum it out, shine the wheels, polish the rims, and hit that dashboard with a cleaner. The goal here is to make your car as presentable as possible — and, of course, smelling good. Everybody loves that new car smell. Making your car more desirable with a little cleaning investment really pays off. Big time.

Film Your Car In Great Lighting

Now that your used car is shiny and looking its best, it’s time to film it for buyers — and for that, good lighting is critical. How many times have you left your house feeling good and looking fine, only to have a friend snap a photo of you in bad lighting that made you look tired, older, and about 10 pounds heavier? Don’t be that friend to your car. We recommend filming your car outdoors in natural light on a clear day. Consider the background of the car. You don’t want to film it in a gas station parking lot, for instance. Instead, choose a lusher landscape (if accessible) or an open space where you can show the vehicle without any sound or physical interruptions.

Ready! Set! Shoot!

Now that your car is looking good and sparkling in natural light, it’s time to show it off. Here, we recommend filming a 360-degree view of the vehicle’s exterior and then diving into the interior to show things like the dashboard, center console, or anything else you think they buyer might like to see, like seat heaters, new speakers, or sumptuous leather seats.

TIP: while filming with our in-app video editor, you can pause your recording at any time and restart it to smoothly transition between the interior and exterior shots of the car.

Add voiceover, background music, and text

After getting the shots you want, it’s time to edit your video. This is where you can add voiceover, background music, or text to your video — which are great ways for you to highlight all of the vehicle’s features. Use the voiceover to share details about the car, like its mileage, miles per gallon, upgrades, features, and any recent work you’ve made to it. You can add background music of your choice to the video, and add text to it, which might include car make, model, and price.

Set your price

Setting the price for your used car is always a little tricky, and we recommend reading How to Set Your Price to delve into this topic. Checking Kelley Blue Book for the list price of your car’s year, make and model is always a good place to start. But, you shouldn’t stop there. Look at what similar vehicles are selling for on the app, and price your vehicle according to its condition compared to the others. Like Goldilocks you’ll want to set your price just right. You don’t want to price your used car too high and not get any offers or too low and not get the most money out of it. Consider the value and the market, and you’ll do well and sell that car or truck in no time.

Ready start selling your used car? Download and open the app, and start receiving offers today.