What to do with unwanted holiday gifts

bad christmas gift

Did you find yourself feigning a smile while opening a gift from someone this year? No matter how genuinely happy or grateful you tried to appear, you know it showed that you weren’t really that impressed with their gift. F#@*&###$!!!!!! These situations happen more often than we’d like to admit and addressing the issue with the person who gave you the unwanted gift can be awkward. It’s one thing if it’s your mom or dad or sibling who purchased the bad gift. You’d just be honest and tell them that you don’t like it, or why it isn’t a suitable gift and return it. But, what if it came from your boss? Co-worker? Or friend who means well? You feel badly about not liking the gift, and you don’t want to come across as ungrateful or rude to them. Abort mission: just smile and pretend to like it.

Now that the crisis has been averted, here are things you can do with that gift when getting the receipt from the giver isn’t the best option.

Donate it.
This is the time of giving and charity, so why not spread a little cheer and do something good with it. You can take your minor tragedy and turn it into someone else’s blessing. Look for local charities, or your church, and give the gift to them as a donation. Every year, a rest home near me does a donation drive right after Christmas and they put on a large yard sale on New Year’s Day to raise money for patient programs, activities and treatments – and each year I like to make a few “donations” to them (ie., unwanted gifts) that they can put to really good use. If something like that doesn’t exist near you, your local church, Goodwill, or Salvation Army will happily take the merchandise.

Turn gift cards into cash.
Did you get a gift card to Petco and you don’t even own a pet? Not into dog food? What about a Taco Bell gift card, and you can’t stomach the thought? Don’t waste it! Check out sites like that will buy them back from you (at a charge) or post them for sale on our app for slightly less money, which brings me to my next tip…

Sell it on AdYoYo.
We think this is the best choice. New, unused, and packaged items sell quickly on our app, making this a no-brainer for you.

Host a white elephant.
Why not make a party out of those unwanted gifts? Ask your friends to bring unwanted gifts that they received this year, pop some champagne, and let the fun begin! You might even get something from the white elephant that you really like instead.

Regift it.
If you opened up your present and thought, “No, this isn’t for me, but I know exactly who would love this!” you might want to consider regifting it to that person who is going to enjoy it. Good things to regift might include: cologne/perfume, soaps and lotions, CDs, DVDs, clothes, accessories, and jewelry.

Repurpose the gifts.
Maybe you received something that you can use for another purpose? Maybe you got a sweater that you don’t like, but that might make a great pillow or hand towel? Or a plain looking coffee mug that would be awesome with some creative art you can paint on it, or that might work well as paint brush holder while you paint. Sometimes transforming something’s purpose can give it a whole new life that you’ll find useful and enjoyable.

No matter what you do with your unwanted holiday gifts this year, have fun with it and enjoy the season and intention behind the gift itself. That’s truly what matters. Have any other ideas about what to do with unwanted gifts? Share them with us on social using hashtag #AdYoYo.