Last-Minute, Clever Halloween Costume & Party Ideas

last minute halloween costumes and party ideas

Are you a Last Minute Libby when it comes to planning Halloween? Fear not, AdYoYo is here to your rescue. On top of our Halloween On A Budget blog post earlier this month, here’s a guide to a having an awesome, last-minute Halloween!

No Costume? No time? No problem! Consider these last-minute Halloween costumes:

1. A Snapchat Filter

snapchat filter last minute halloween costume

Are you always on your phone? Do your fiends (I mean, friends!) complain that you are always on social media? If so, this last-minute costume for you! This Snapchat filter Halloween costume is all about the makeup or face paint. Layer it on for that flawless filter look! This will be especially cool if you carry around a poster board phone screen outline to hold around your face, And, use props. Go for the dog ears filter!

• A headband of some kind (dog ears!)
• Makeup up the wazoo

2. A Skeleton

Looking to be a little spooky this Halloween but haven’t had the time to plan an elaborate Marie Antoinette or Dracula costume? A Skeleton may just be perfect thing for you this fateful Halloween. Putting together a last-minute skeleton costume is so easy it’s scary! All you need is an all- black long-sleeve shirt and pants, and white and black makeup. Put on the clothes and paint your face and neck, and you’re good to go! If you have time to go to a Halloween store you can pick up a skeleton shirt, if you want, or simply cut holes into a white shirt to make the ribs and spine, and wear a black shirt underneath to make it really look like bones!


– Black clothes
– Black and white makeup

3. A Hot Air Balloon (for kids or adults)

Looking for last minute halloween costume ideas for kids? How cute is this idea? And, talk about last minute: this elaborate looking costume can literally be put together with just a basket a large balloon, some string/twine,  and a birthday banner, which you can find at pretty much any grocery or party store!


  • Basket
  • Balloon
  • String/twine
  • Birthday banner

Are you throwing a party and need some easy, but elaborate looking decor? Use these simple, last-minute Halloween party ideas to kick off the night and haunt out your lair!

Create a haunted house

haunted houseTo pull off this haunted house look, all you really need is cardboard, spider webs, and a few good spiders. Cut strips of cardboard and tape them over your windows to make them look like they’re boarded up and string cobwebs and spiders from the shutters and around your front door. To get more of an eerie effect, put out some pumpkins and use the same cardboard you used to “board up” the windows to make some tombstones that you can put up in the yard. Write RIP on the them with markers or the names of people and how they died (ie. “Frank Jones; For Not Forwarding That Text Message To 10 People”).


  • Cardboard
  • Spider webs
  • Spiders

Lighting is everything!

When in doubt, candles will light up your Halloween party! A table filled with candles of all shapes and sizes creates a spooky atmosphere fast, and at very little cost. White tapers are a good choice, but black ones are excellent if you want to create a more sinister atmosphere. Be sure to protect the surface that you create your candle display on with heatproof trays, and never leave them unattended. When grouped together, candles melt faster and create a lot more heat. If you have animals and kids, it might be better to go with flameless candles, instead. This display is sure to add an eerie feeling to any room.

Traditional isn’t overrated!

halloween pumpkinsThere are some traditional Halloween elements that every party should have — and the best part is, they’re really inexpensive and easy to incorporate. Pumpkins are a great place to start. You can find them everywhere during this time of year and they come in so many sizes that you can fit them on pretty much any surface. Carve them up into jack-o-lanterns, or leave them as they are and put them together n groups. Another fun touch to your party is to put out candy dishes and add candy corn to them. Those bite-sized candies, no matter how gross they might be, do scream Halloween. Spider webs and spiders are also inexpensive to buy and can really spook-up your party decor. Buy white balloons and draw ghost faces on them for a boo-tiful display.

This Halloween, don’t stress about it being last-minute. The whole point is to have fun, get into the spirit of being a weird, and have fun with it. With a little creativity your costume, party, and Halloween will be a hit. Now, go put on your fangs and run amok!

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