3 Simple Steps: How to Get Organized — And Stay That Way!

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Have you ever looked at your closet, pantry, garage, junk drawer and thought, “How did everything get so cluttered and filled to the brim?” Getting organized often creates a sense of panic and frustration — but fear not! — we talked to our friend, Elizabeth Kelly, founder of Redefining Spaces, who suggests a few simple steps that will get you motivated to organize any space and keep it that way!

Ready to find out how to get organized? Here we go…

STEP 1: See it!

Take 10-15 minutes to look at the space that you desperately need to organize, and ask yourself two questions; what is working and what is not working? You can even take a picture to help you view it in a different way. Often, taking a pic of the space will help you to visualize it better without overwhelming you.

When you take a moment to see the space, you can begin to imagine its possibilities, what you like about it, and what you do not like about it. Pay attention to things that are woking for the space and what is not.

STEP 2: Map It!

Make a plan, decide what you want the space to look like after organizing, create a goal and establish a time frame to achieve your goals.

STEP 3: S.T.A.C.K.: Sort, Toss, Assign, Contain, and Keep it up!

Sort – Take out all items and see exactly what is in the space. The fun part of this step is sometimes you find hidden treasures that you forgot you had. Whether it’s a $20 bill in a back of a drawer, or a favorite piece of jewelry long forgotten, because it was hidden under clutter, take the time to really lay out every item in the space you are trying to clear. Place like items with other like items. If other categories are of importance, further sort your items into these categories. For example, when organizing clothes, some categories for sorting could be dresses, shirts, pants, shoes. Sub categories can be color, sleeve length, season, occasion, etc.

Toss – Pick your favorites out of each category/subcategory. Your first instinct will be to keep everything. But once sorted, you will find that you will likely have multiple items that are similar and some will be more often used than others. Toss the ones that are never used or are in poor condition. Toss items that have made several “cuts” from previous tosses but still serve little or no purpose.

The Toss process is the hardest because we are often attached to things that we love. However, tossing will create space for new things that we love and allows us to see the things that we will get a lot of use out of, without all of the clutter blocking us from it. The Toss will also allow you to be charitable while making extra cash. Donate unwanted goods to a local shelter for donation. AdYoYo your valuable items and make some quick cash from some of your used goods. Who knew that organizing can make you give back to the greater good, make you money and leave you clutter free? It’s a win-win-win!

Assign – Remember your goals in the Map it step? We hope so because it is now time to execute. Create a space plan for the items you decided to keep. Decide on the importance of the categories while trying to get access to your items. For closets, do you want the current seasons clothes on full display? Are snacks easily accessible and within reach in a pantry? Are you able to find the pens and phone chargers in your drawers? Keep these varying degrees of importance in your lifestyle in mind while creating your space plan.

Contain – Once you have decided, take measurements of your space. Buy dividers, containers and labels. This will keep everything in one spot for ease of finding items. Again, utilize buy and sell apps such as AdYoYo to purchase containers for cost effectiveness.

Keep it up – Organizing is a daily process, not a one time event. After you have contained your items, remember how this space feels and create a plan on how to maintain it. Have a time designated daily, weekly, monthly or yearly that you keep up the area. Only bring in something new that passes the test. Does it serve me? Do I love it? Will I use it? Do I have room for it? Or should I sell it on AdYoYo?

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