7 Moving & Packing Tips To Make Your Life Easier

moving tips

Moving can be a stressful, inconvenient and often costly if you are unprepared and under-resourced. The clutter, chaos and unease of moving can be eliminated with a few quick strategies.

Following are 7 moving tips that will help you pack and move everything without breaking the bank or your back!

#1 Have fun
When doing any kind of work, it always goes faster when you are enjoying what you do. Playing music while packing, indulging in good food, color coding items, and/or drinking a favorite beverage can make time pass while doing the mundane. When in doubt, seriously, throw on some tunes and shake your money-maker while packing. Invite friends over and make it a moving party. It really doesn’t have to feel like work.

#2 Plan
Using contemporary technology while planning your move will keep your organization at your fingertips. Most smart phones have features that can create checklists, set calendar appointments and internet browsing can help with location services, maps, reviews and quotes for various moving vendors.

Start packing early, so it isn’t overwhelming all at once. Map out what you’re going to need before your moving date, and what you won’t need. Start packing things that you won’t require before your move, like photo albums, 90% of your closet, some kitchen utensils and appliances. Packing away these things will leave you with your essentials and ease the rush of moving all at once.

#3 Purge
There’s no need to pack things that will only stay in boxes, or that you won’t use again. I have a tendency to pack dishes that I’ve held onto for years but never use, and art pieces that I’ve hidden away in the closet, but can’t seem to let go of. And, I can’t even begin to tell you how many articles of clothing have traveled with me from home to home that I never — and will not ever — wear again. Contemporary technology to the rescue again! While this is a shameless plug, it’s also equally true: AdYoYo the things you aren’t going to use or wear again, and save yourself the trouble of packing, moving, and unpacking these things again and again, only never to use them. Ask yourself, when was the last time I wore or used this? Then ask yourself… Am I honestly ever going to again? If the answer is no, post it on AdYoYo and free yourself of (literally) the deadweight.

#4 Save
By buying used moving supplies, such as boxes, scissors, bins, dollys from a reseller and hiring local reputable movers can really affect the bottom line. Where do you find good discounted moving products and local services you ask? Well among the thousands of the what you see is what you get items and services on AdYoYo, of course. What do you do with all the money you save? Well buying more of your favorite beverage is a great idea (see tip #1)!

Another great way to save on moving boxes is to call your local grocery store or Starbucks and ask them if they have boxes that they can save for you. Most of them will happily do it for you, but it just requires calling and organizing it with them.

#5 Pack with a Purpose
Organize, organize, organize! Pack breakables carefully, label the rooms that the items will go in and write what is inside of the box (example: “Kitchen: Pots and Pans”; “Master Bedroom: Winter Coats”), and safely secure important paperwork and technology in their own respectable boxes. Make an “Unpack First” box with essentials such as cleaning supplies, food items, tomorrow’s clothes, and water.

#6 Unpack carefully but efficiently
The unpacking might be more stressful than the actual packing, but can possibly be the most rewarding.  Enjoy the new place and the much deserved end to a journey. Remember to unpack the “Unpack First” box and settle in. Take time to get to know your new space, and take in the new chapter of your life. This is an important step in your life, and you don’t want to forget that in the stress of unpacking. Take your time and seriously consider tip number 1, and have fun.

#7 See what is missing
Now that the move is somewhat done, you will undoubtedly have some missing pieces and loose ends. After all, you’re moving all of your things from one place to another, and your new space will likely require a few pieces of furniture that the other didn’t. Maybe that couch doesn’t fit in the room well now that they layout is different. Measure spaces that might need a piece of art or furniture, and have fun finding them. Check for missing cutlery, glassware, tools, etc., that might have been lost or damaged in the move. And, of course, purchase those much needed items and services confidently on AdYoYo and fill your new beautiful home with things that make you feel safe and happy!

Start purging now and get started using AdYoYo today…