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how much to sell things for

You’ve finally made the decision to unload some weight from your storage or garage. You have many items to post on the resale market and are excited to make some extra cash. By using AdYoYo, you can market your items in your local market using the video to showcase your products. You’ve polished it up, filmed it, and you’re ready to post… But how do know how much to charge for it? How do you set the price? Naturally, you would want to get the best price for it, and you may even be personally attached. Following the tips below will help you be more objective when setting your price and help promote your products in a fair market.

Assess the condition of your items
We know how fabulous your new sous vide was when you bought it. Your couch was triple scotch guarded and the fabric is custom picked. Your car only has 4,000 miles and smells immaculate. The list goes on. Pride of ownership is a wonderful thing, but when it comes to reselling one must take into account the current conditions of their item. The most common trait that sellers forget is that all used items are… well, used. Make sure your item works. Check for missing parts and broken pieces if applicable. Be honest with the description, and show everything in your video. Provide as much detail as possible, such as the seasonality of your item, color, model number, etc. so that buyers can have a point of reference for your price point. Take all of these factors into account in setting a realistic sales goal.

When deciding your price, one of the best best places to look is on AdYoYo. Search for similar products to see how other AdYoYo-ers are pricing their items. Assess the current market, the condition of your item to others being sold, and set price accordingly.  If your item is in better condition, price it higher. If your item is in similar condition, price your item comparably, or maybe even a little less if you want the item to be competitive. While checking out other AdYoYo-ers prices, go ahead and take a look at their page and watch their videos to see how they are presenting the item. Likely, you’ll get a lot of insight about how best to showcase your product and sell it even better.

In addition, check out sites that will help guide you through the pricing process. If you’re selling a car, check out Kelley Blue Book to see what they suggest.

Be Flexible
After all of your research, set a reasonable price for each item. Remember that the online resale forum allows for negotiation. Write down the ideal price while selling but also keep in mind an absolute bottom price should a negotiation occur.

Use the best platform
After setting the price, make sure the marketability of each item shows all of its dazzle. Using a platform such a AdYoYo, each item can be beautifully displayed to the local market using video.

Ready to start posting and selling?