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9 Things Never To Buy New

Shiny new things are always fun but not always practical. Buying secondhand or as we like to say, “another man’s treasure” is a great way to save money and get what you really want for your particular budget. Below is a list of items to almost always buy gently used.

1. Designer Handbags
Designer handbags… are expensive! For the cost of one’s monthly mortgage, these immaculate pieces of leather with handcrafted stitching is an investment that most do not hesitate to justify. Good news is that these accessories are often meticulously cared for and are considered classics, so buying secondhand is never out of style! Visit Maxpawn’s on AdYoYo, a local retailer specializing in such bags, and see the wide variety of luxury goods that they offer.

2. Cars
Finding the right price for a new car is pretty easy. Until you drive it off the lot and it immediately loses value. Shopping for a used car will give you more bang for your buck as you can usually negotiate with a seller and get better market value. Using resale apps such as Adyoyo can even let you see a video and hear sounds of a used car so that you can make an informed decision.

3. Bicycles
In the fall the weather gets nicer and we want to explore the great outdoors, enjoy fresh air and take our fitness outside! An ideal day would be a bike ride to the park with the crisp autumn wind in our hair. Alas, life doesn’t stop because the weather is better. So before splurging a few hundred dollars on a brand-new bike that will get used sparingly because life events take place, consider buying used. The crisp autumn breeze will feel the same and nature will be just as beautiful on a gently used bicycle.

4. Holiday décor
We all know that home with the best Halloween haunted house and spectacular Christmas lights! Keep up with neighborhood Jones’s and buy secondhand. Home décor is a huge resale market online. Shop through local markets and buying is easy, cheap and often times the décor is already themed for ease of decorating!

5. Tech gadgets
Unless you have to have the latest and greatest gadgets or if you’re in the market to supply a family member with a phone or tablet buying an older version will save lots of money. Technology has come a long way so the “old stuff” will always have the newest update.

6. Tools
Don’t be that person that goes to Home Depot and buys a whole new set of tools with every attachment, bit and piece imaginable only to have it sit in your garage. Be the person to find that person that goes to Home Depot with all the fancy tools in their garage that they don’t use—and take it off their storage for a fraction of the cost.

7. Sporting Equipment
Excited to try a new sport? Buy the equipment used! Chances are it will take a few tries to get going and even longer to be an expert! Whether it is skiing, rafting, skating, football etc. you will fall, crash and take a few hits. Just don’t let those hits be on your wallet and buy second hand!

8. Musical instruments
Like sporting equipment, novices at musical instruments should not invest in the most expensive equipment. Learn the piano, violin, cello etc. using used product. By the time you are ready to rival Beethoven, we are sure that the local symphony producing your concert will buy you whatever you want brand new.

9. Baby Gear
Humans live an average of 65-90 years. Babies are babies for 6 months. They’re “stuff” are often gently used, the cleanest pieces in one’s home, and very temporary. Parents are often eager to buy their babies the newest and best but are more eager to get rid of the baby stuff once the tiny bundles of cuteness turn into tiny wrecking balls. At AdYoYo, there are many listings for such items so you can save money. You might even find last season’s “it” stroller in the color you have been dying to have!

Ready to hot deals on like-new, second hand items, or to start selling some of your own?

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