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Payday Brunch Soirée

What an amazing AdYoYo Payday brunch we had Sept 16th. Many of you joined us to experience our culture, learn about our buy and sell app and meet our team. While the music played, and the champagne flowed (and flowed… and flowed) we were ecstatic to learn about our attendees and their various contributions to our community.  We loved welcoming everyone into our office and showcasing that by filming, posting and selling your products and services on  our locally based app, everyday can be a payday!

Cyndi of stylishly made the most of her day by uploading a video of her high heels that are perfect for fall on our app! We can’t wait until she gets her pay!  

We were thrilled to have local journalists Karen Wong and Debbie Hall join in on the fun while we enjoyed a delicious, healthy and local  brunch sponsored by Fruits and Roots Juice bar.

Danielle Gonzales from Backdrop In A Box displayed beautiful paper flower sculptures  constructed into decorative dresses.  Her products are handcrafted pieces of art. The video of her talent posted on AdYoYo for her services was truly an experience worth watching! Check out Backdrop In A Box on AdYoYo.

Local legend Michael Mack of MaxPawn eagerly met the team that helped post videos of thousands of his high-end handbags and other luxury products on AdYoYo.

We are truly honored to sip and brunch with all of our attendees. AdYoYo is committed in engaging in our community and are very proud to be in the company of these influencers. We can’t wait to do this again with all of our supporters but until next time, make everyday payday by filming, posting and selling on AdYoYo.

 Check out red carpet step and repeat and a few snapshots of our influencer brunch below.