Create Your Dream Living Space On A Budget

So… You think you don’t have enough in your budget to design the dream space you’ve always wanted? Guess again! We’ve got some creative ways to get you the look you want fast, and with little out-of-pocket expense.


1. Paint
Let’s be real: paint is CHEAP. Like, insanely cheap – especially when you consider how dramatically it can change a room. Go ahead and make this one of your biggest priorities. Find a color that sets the look and mood that you want – and, go for it! You can buy your own paint tools, throw on some tunes, and do the painting yourself to cut costs and have a fun day out of it.

do it yourself

2. Do It Yourself
Are you handy? Can you retile a bathroom? Tear up flooring that you might want to replace? Sew curtains? … No? How about paint a wall? Paying for other people to work on your project can really tear a hole in your budget. If you are able to do some things yourself, just imagine how much farther your money can go.

shop secondhand

3. Shop Secondhand
While you’ll want to AB-SO-LUTELY splurge on certain furniture pieces and design elements, shopping secondhand is a great way to find unique items that can really liven up your space and add character. Look for pieces of furniture with great lines and solid construction that paint or new upholstery can bring back to life. Check out your local thrift stores, church sales, consignment shops, estate sales, and, of course, local listing apps (insert shameless plug:) AdYoYo. A lot of times you can even find free items on AdYoYo that can be salvaged into new conversation pieces for your home, or new items that are half-price.

4. Stop buying furniture sets
It’s so easy to buy a bed in a bag, or a bedroom or dining set where everything is matchy-matchy. Do yourself a favor — and just don’t. Not only are furniture sets boring, they also tend to be fairly expensive. Ditch the idea of matching everything and instead opt for an eclectic mix of furniture and items that you truly love. Don’t be afraid of mixing designs: you CAN have a rustic, wodden table with orange modern chairs, or a Hollywood regency couch with a mid-century modern coffee table, so long as you look for clever ways to bring them together. Pick colors, a fabric, or a texture that you enjoy and find furniture pieces and items that are accented with that to bring your room together. Think of creative ways to incorporate those things. If you love the colors yellow and gray, you can add those colors in a variety of different ways to your furnishings: drapes, pillow shams, chair colors, paintings, rugs, and other décor items that can bring a variety of styles together in ways that will make your space feel like you. This will fill your space with furniture pieces that you love and incorporate them all together in clever, impactful ways.

sell your stuff online

5. Get rid of items you don’t use or like
When redecorating your home, don’t be afraid to let go of some of your stuff and offer them up for sale. Why keep them around? If they don’t reflect you and they don’t make you happy, why let them take up the space for something else that you could love? Sell those things on AdYoYo and use that money to purchase something that suits you better.

6. It’s all in the details
It’s shocking how much little things can change a room, and how little they can cost you. If your home is outfitted with blinds you don’t really enjoy, switch them out inexpensively with some that you do, or opt for curtains instead. And, don’t forget about your hardware. If your kitchen looks a little sad, or your doorknobs are standard, switch them out with door pulls or handles that add style and detail to your space. These subtle changes can make a huge difference in your home without eating your budget.

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