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When we give back, not only do we help others – we also help ourselves to grow personally. The spirit of giving back is the essence of a successful life, and it’s an important ingredient to strengthen our communities and engage with others on a real human level.

AdYoYo has partnered with Faith Lutheran Middle School & High School, a private Christian school located in Summerlin, Clark County, Nevada that serves Las Vegas Valley. Knowing that giving back is a huge part of social and spiritual development, the school requires students to complete service hours as a way to teach them the valuable lesson of charity.

The school has a thrift store, Faith Lutheran Thrift Store, and it was the first volunteer organization at Faith Lutheran. For over 30 years, volunteers have been operating the Thrift Store, located at 2211 S. Rainbow Blvd., and donating the proceeds to school programs.

Thrift store funds have help provide vans, buses, computers, band instruments, science equipment, sports uniforms, kitchen appliances, Nutrikids, and Blackbaud for the school. These are just a few of the gifts they have provided. Clothing, household goods, and furniture are available for sale seven days a week.

To facilitate the important student service program at the school, AdYoYo has set Faith Lutheran Thrift Store up with a profile on AdYoYo that students post in-store items to, as a means to market the store’s inventory in real-time to thousands of our nearby shoppers – absolutely for free. This enhances the student’s mission of charitable giving while supplying the thrift store with an arsenal of technology to reach nearby shoppers in new and surprising ways that they haven’t been able to before.

Looking for ways to get involved? To donate or volunteer at the Faith Lutheran Thrift store, please contact Steve Orr, Store Manager at (702) 242-0224.

Interested in incorporating AdYoYo as a part of your charitable giving? Contact us at with your ideas. We’d love to hear them!


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