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5 tips to take professional quality video using your smartphone or device

You’ve probably heard the saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, if that’s the case a video must be worth 1,000 pictures, or 1,000,000 words… or whatever. But, not everyone gets video right. After all, there’s a lot to consider with video. There’s lighting, composition, sound & visual components, and a dozen other moving parts that make video the coolest media on the planet. But, don’t fret – we’ve got your back!

Here, we’re going to help you take professional quality video using your smartphone or device with these 5 tips.

#1 Lighting is everything

Surely, you’ve seen those cursed photos of you floating around in a friend’s Instagram feed, or have been tagged in an image on Facebook, where unflattering lighting has made you look puffy, tired, or downright like the Crypt-Keeper. And, we all know that you are a true goddess (or Adonis), who deserves to be displayed in the best lighting that shows off all of your amazing, eh hem, assets. The same is true for your items for sale. While making videos of your items for sale, you’ll want to try as much as possible to record them in brightly lit areas to showcase them well. This will help to avoid unwanted shadows or grainy areas in your videos. Conversely, you also should avoid pointing the camera lens toward the light source, as this will make the video image overexposed. Lighting should be steady and consistent throughout your video. One effective way to avoid dramatic lighting changes in your video is to use the “touch-focusing” feature that is available on most smartphones, which can be activated by tapping your finger on the item in your video. After setting the focus of the video, the automatic exposure control will have an easier time adjusting to any lighting changes to show your product in the best lighting possible.

#2 Use Wide-Angle

With video, you’ll want to tilt your smartphone sideways and record it in wide angle. That is to say, do not hold your phone vertically to take a video – hold it horizontally. Recording this way will allow your videos to look great on multiple devices and landscapes. If you record your product video vertically on your smartphone, it will force video players to resize your video, and won’t look good

#3 Keep It Steady

Smartphones aren’t great at instantly focusing on items, so if you don’t want to confuse buyers on Adyoyo, or have your items come out distorted and blurry, keep your hand steady when you record your videos. Hold your phone with both hands to keep the device stable as it records, and slowly move around your item, open it up, turn it on, or have it do whatever it does. Quick movements blur your videos, and they end up looking like they got a call from Samara from the Ring seven days ago. Keep it steady. Keep it consistent.

#4 Avoid Zooming

While smartphone cameras have come a long way, they are far from perfect. As tempting as it might be to zoom in and out on your product, zooming can pixelate the video and cause the camera to switch its auto-focus away from the item you’re selling. If you need to zoom in on something, just take a few steps toward the item and then take a few steps back to keep the video quality consistent.

#5 Sounds Matters

Ever see a thumbnail of a video on Youtube that looks awesome, only to pull it up, and all you can hear is street noise, or a fan running in the background? When recording your video, do your best to reduce background noise. On Adyoyo, you can mute the microphone on your smartphone and add music or a voice over after to describe the item you’re selling. If narrating your video, we recommend keeping it informative, short and sweet.

Create professional quality videos to sell your items on Adyoyo today.

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