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Picture vs. Video: Round 1


What’s up guys! It’s AdYo-Bot coming back to you to drop some knowledge real quick!! As you know, I am created around the concept of video. It’s a new age thing, as it’s slowly being introduced into industries that normally don’t use this wonderful tool we have dispensed at our finger tips! Literally. Have you ever thought of that? Right in the palm of your hand you have a smartphone that has over 100 functionalities that can do over 100 different things, including making a video! So if you aren’t recording now-a-days, it might as well be a DUMB phone!

Plus, it’s nothing new or out of the ordinary- over 70% of our human population prefer to watch a video rather than view a photo! Crazy right?

So, tell me what you think…. Video or Photo? *ding ding ding* This is the start of Round 1!


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