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AdYoYo…. Who?

When one of our founders was scouring the Internet to find the perfect couch, he searched every listing service until he finally found the perfect fit! The pictures of this couch showed the color he was searching for, and it was in perfect condition. It would complete his beautiful living room and he went to pick up his dream sofa.

When he arrived at the pickup location, his perfect couch was made for… well… a toddler.


After laughing about the unfortunate circumstance, an idea was conceived. What if there was a listing service that showcased products with video? A marketplace that can allow local buyers to interact with local sellers with confidence, knowing that what they see in the product listing is exactly what they’re going to get? A place to promote your services using video ads? Amazing right? Well… We think so.

So that’s how AdYoYo was born.We’re the newest, coolest app in town and we’ll just get better with age. Visit us all the time and we’ll keep you updated on the hottest news, giveaways and any live updates. Download AdYoYo and you’ll open up a whole new web marketplace that’s better than anything you have seen before.

Explore our blog, get to know us, discover preloved items & post some of your own for sale.


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